Next to kitchens the bathroom is where people spend the most time so why not spoil yourself.
According to the kitchen and bath association 70% of the cost is returned within one year.
Comfort and glamore is key to luxurious living so spoil yourself, feel rich and famous.
Bathrooms are gutted to existing studs and joists, exterior walls are then insulated and a moisture resistant drywall applied.
Floors require subfloor and finished components,such as tile, hardwood, linoleum, stone or slate.
Fixtures and all finishes are selected by homeowner before installation.
Ceramic tile is a common finish and when selected installed by some of the best tile setters in the business.
All plumbing, electric and HVAC is provided by pre-screened licensed and insured sub contractors (tried and true).  
In most cases bathrooms adjoin a closet or some out cove where space can be found to increase room size so your not limited to existing space, possibilities are extensive.

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